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We rely on our readers for intelligence gathering. If you know of an event coming up, please let us know. The Calendar covers not only drug policy reform, but also related events on a range of topics. We list big conferences as well as small local meetings - you name it, send it in! Listing of an organization's activities in the Reformer's Calendar does not imply endorsement of or by DRCNet or DRCNet's agenda.

September 6, 10:00am-noon, Washington, DC
Families Against Mandatory Minimums chapter meeting, at Christ Church, 620 G St. SE. For info, call FAMM at (202) 822-6700.

September 6, Fort Collins, CO
2nd Annual Hemp Awareness Day. For info, contact Front Range NORML at (970) 495-4606 or visit http://www.verinet.com/norml/ on the web.

September 6 and 13, 8:30am-3:00pm, Rochester, NY
Mentor Training. Train to mentor and help ex-offenders find employment. At Calvary St. Andrews Church, 95 Averill Ave. No fee, but reservations required. Call (716) 325-7727.

September 11, 7:30pm, Buffalo, NY
Sister Helen Prejean. The famed anti-death penalty activist will speak at the Center for the Arts, Univ. of Buffalo. For info, call 838-4400.

September 12-14, Dover, OH
Ohio Hempstock. For info, call (614) 258-HEMP.

September 12-14, San Diego
Association of Online Professionals Annual Conference. Sysop trade association's yearly gathering to discuss issues of relevance to the industry. For info, visit http://www.aop.org/confrnc.html on the web.

September 17, 12:30pm, Washington, DC
Protest at Dept. of Health and Human Services, calling for an end to the bank on use of federal AIDS funds for needle exchange. For info, call (212) 213-6376 ext. 17 or e-mail [email protected].

September 17-20, Ljubljana, Slovenia
Heroin Addiction In Europe: 3rd European Methadone and Other Substitution Treatments Conference. Special emphasis on outreach and open community approach. Held at the Congress Centre, "Cankarjev Dom." Contact Dr. Andrej Kastelic at Tel: (386) (61) 142-1350 or (386) (61) 140-2030, Fax: (386) (61) 140-2158.

September 18-21, Miami Beach, FL
The United States Conference on AIDS, at the Fontainbleau Hilton Resort & Towers. For info, write to The United States Conference on AIDS, 1931 13th St., NW, Washington, DC 20009-4432.

September 19-21, Port Clinton, OH
7th Annual Harvest Festival. For info, contact Sandusky County NORML at (216) 334-9310 or e-mail [email protected].

September 20, noon-5:00pm, Boston, MA
1997 Boston Freedom Rally, on the Boston Common, protesting marijuana prohibition. Sponsored by the Massachusetts Cannabis Reform Coalition/NORML, (617) 944-CANN.

September 20-21, Chicago, IL
National Moratorium Committee to Stop Police Brutality, planning conference, at the Uhuru House, 5409 S. Halsted. Call (215) 724-3535.

September 28, 6:00pm, Rochester, NY
Benefit Concert, for the Judicial Process Commission's Law Enforcement Task Force, at Colgate Rochester Divinity School Chapel. (716) 325-7727.

October, Denver CO (exact date not yet available)
Rocky Mountain Regional Conference on Drugs and HIV. For info, call Paula Santiago at (212) 213-6376 or Paul Z. Simons, (303) 455-2472.

October 4, 10:00am-noon, Washington, DC
Families Against Mandatory Minimums chapter meeting, at Christ Church, 620 G St. SE. For info, call FAMM at (202) 822-6700.

October 6-8, Sonoma County, CA
Hemp Industries Association Annual Conference. HIA members only. One may join at the door. Booth/display space available. For more info contact the HIA at (707) 874-3648 or [email protected].

October 7, 6:30pm, Rochester, NY
Connecting the Strands of Violence - Personal Reflections. Violence in Institutions: A Roundtable Discussion, sponsored by the Judicial Process Commission's Law Enforcement Task Force. Call (716) 325-7727.

October 12, Philadelphia, PA
March to Stop the Violence Against African People, sponsored by the National People's Democratic Uhuru Movement. Call (215) 724-3535.

October 15, 1:00-5:00pm, New Orleans, LA
Harm Reduction & Drug Policy: The Basics. An introduction to basic issues and concepts in drug policy reform, sponsored by the Drug Policy Foundation and the Harm Reduction Coalition, at the Inter-Continental Hotel, 444 St. Charles Ave. Registration $25. For info, contact DPF at (202) 537-5005 or HRC at (510) 444-6969 or (212) 213-6376.

October 15-18, New Orleans, LA
11th International Conference on Drug Policy Reform, sponsored by the Drug Policy Foundation. Largest annual gathering of reformers in the U.S. For info, call (202) 537-5005 or e-mail [email protected].

October 16-19, Minneapolis, MN
Nicotine Dependence Conference, 10th National Conference sponsored by the American Society of Addiction Medicine. Call (301) 656-3920.

October 17, New York, NY
Harm Reduction: What Does it Mean for Women? Sponsored by the Harm Reduction Coalition's Women & Harm Reduction Working Group. For info, contact Paula Santiago at (212) 213-6376.

October 22
National Day of Protest to Stop Police Brutality. A joint project of the Anthony Baez Foundation, the National Lawyers Guild, and the October 22nd Coalition to Stop Police Brutality. For info call (718) 364-2879.

October 24, New York, NY
Harm Reduction: A New Framework for Treating People with Substance Use Problems. For info call (212) 213-6376 or e-mail [email protected].

October 24, 7:00-9:00pm, Rochester, NY
Benefit Gospel Program, to help families get to area prisons. At Zion Hill Missionary Baptist Church. Tickets $5.00, children free.

November 6, 11:45am-1:15pm, Rochester, NY
A Description of Alternatives in Monroe County. Information forum sponsored by the League of Women Voters, at Third Presbyterian Church. For info call (716) 262-3730.

November 8, 10:00am-noon, Washington, DC
Families Against Mandatory Minimums chapter meeting, at Christ Church, 620 G St. SE. For info, call FAMM at (202) 822-6700.

November 9-12, San Diego, CA
National AIDS Treatment Advocates Forum, at the Handlery Hotel & Resort. For info, call the National Minority AIDS Council at (202) 483-6622, or e-mail [email protected].

November 9-13, Indianapolis, IN
Communicating Public Health, Annual Meeting of the American Public Health Association. Contact APHA, 1015 15th St., NW, Washington, DC 20005-2605, (202) 789-5600 (voice), (202) 789-5661 (fax).

November 9-15, Kona coast, HI
Life After History: Self Knowledge at the End of History. Five-day retreat with author Terence McKenna. For info, contact New Millennium Institute, P.O. Box 958, Kamuela, HI 96743, (808) 885-2181 (voice), (808) 885-5570 (fax), e-mail [email protected].

November 18, 6:30pm, Rochester, NY
Police Violence: Civilian Review and Other Tools for Better Community Relations, sponsored by the Judicial Process Commission's Law Enforcement Task Force. For reservations, call (716) 325-7727.

Nov 22, 10:00-11:3:00am, New York, NY
Dr. Gabriele Fischer, University Hospital for Psychiatry, Vienna. Dr. Fischer will present the results of her work with oral morphine-sulfate in the maintenance treatment of pregnant opiate addicts and others. At The Lindesmith Center, 888 7th Ave., 27th floor, New York, NY. Call (212) 887-0695 to reserve a place.

March 15-19, 1998, Sau Paulo, Brazil
9th International Conference on the Reduction of Drug Related Harm, at the Renaissance Hotel, sponsored by the International Harm Reduction Association. Emphases will be on harm reduction in developing countries, and historical and cultural perspectives on cocaine in South America. For information, fax 55-11-8811125, or e-mail [email protected], [email protected] or [email protected].

October 7-10, 1998, Cleveland, OH
Second National Harm Reduction Conference, sponsored by the Harm Reduction Coalition. For info, call (212) 213-6376 or (510) 444-6969, or e-mail [email protected].

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