DRCNet Activist Guide 5/94

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This first issue of The Activist Guide monthly was produced in an extreme rush to be ready in time for the Harvard Drug Conference/debate, Crime, Drugs, Health & Prohibition II, this May 21. There wasn't time to get all the typos out, or all the details right, but there is a wealth of useful information here that activists can use as a guide to getting more involved in the struggle for a better drug policy and criminal justice system.

The Activist Guide is available by subscription for $18/year ($12 before July 1). DRCNet's rapid-response team is available to activists who wish to get timely updates on very urgent issues. To join the rapid-response team, please send your name address, and preferred means of contact, including phone#, fax# and/or email address, with a $10 contribution to:

Full membership in the Drug Reform Coordination Network is $25, and includes both the newsletter and rapid-response team. (All material may be received by email for free.)

DRCNet chapters are currently forming in Iowa, Illinois, Texas, Alabama, North Carolina, Washington DC, Boston, and New York. If you are interested in founding a chapter please call (202) 362-0030 or email us at "[email protected]". The primary goals of DRCNet chapters will be educational outreach and coalition building.

DRCNet thanks the many contributors to this issue, and especially Jon Holmes, for much advice and technical assistance.

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DRCNet Activist Guide 5/94

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