DRCNet Activist Guide 5/94

Federal Reform

  1. The most urgent federal item of concern to drug policy activists is the Crime Bill. Our role here is mainly damage control (See: CRIME BILL ).

  2. H.R. 3100: Authored by Rep. Don Edwards (D - San Jose), this bill would create the commission called for in the Hoover Resolution and charge it with the task of conducting a comprehensive study of the nation's drug policies. Ask your representative to cosponsor it, and tell the members of the Crime Bill Conference Committee that whether or not it's in the Crime Bill, you want to see this bill passed. (See: CRIME BILL for a list of conferees' phone and fax numbers.) H.R. 3100 is currently in the House judiciary committee and has 17 cosponsors.

  3. H.R. 3379: Sponsored by Rep. John Conyers (D - MI), this is a comprehensive forfeiture reform bill. It's most important feature is that it would prevent civil forfeiture in cases where no conviction has been obtained against the property owner. Currently in the judiciary committee.

  4. H.R. 2417: Sponsored by Rep. Henry Hyde (R - IL), this is a less comprehensive, but still worthwhile, forfeiture reform bill. Also in the judiciary committee.

  5. Medical Marijuana: The Clinton Administration is reviewing the possibility of making marijuana medically available, by moving it from Schedule I (banned) to Schedule II (available by prescription only). Marijuana is an important medication for cancer, AIDS, glaucoma, and multiple schlerosis. To support medical access to marijuana, contact the following members of the Clinton Administration:
        President Bill Clinton          1600    Pennsylvania Ave. NW 

                                        Washington, DC 20500    (202) 456-1111 

        Deputy Secretary for Health     Hubert H. Humphrey Bldg. 

        Dr. Philip Lee                  200 Independence Ave. SW 

                                        Washington, DC 20201    (202) 690-7694

        Surgeon General Hubert          H. Humphrey Bldg. 

        Dr. Joycelyn Elders             200 Independence Ave. SW 

                                        Washington, DC 20201    (202) 690-6467

        Attorney General                Department of Justice   

        Janet Reno                      Constitution Ave. & 10th St. NW 

                                        Washington, DC 20530    (202) 514-2001 

                                                                or (800) 869-4499

        DEA Administrator               Department of Justice 

        Thomas A. Constantine           Drug Enforcement Administration 

        Washington, DC 20537

Bill to Oppose:

How to Reach Your Congressman/Senators:

If you don't know who your congressman is, you can find out by calling the Congressional Switchboard, at (202) 224-3121.

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DRCNet Activist Guide 5/94

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