DRCNet Activist Guide 5/94


We can become more effective activists by educating ourselves on the scholarly work done on drug policy. The overwhelming weight of scholarly evidence on supports decriminalization; these are the most important studies of drug policy ever conducted:

Thanks to Clifford Schaffer for this valuable bibliography.

Hot off the press -- two outstanding new books on prohibition:

  1. America's Longest War: Rethinking Our Tragic Crusade Against Drugs
    By Steven Duke of Yale Law School & Attorney Albert Gross
    Published by Tarcher/Putnam, ISBN 0-87477-541-8; $26.95
  2. Marihuana: The Forbidden Medicine
    By Lester Grinspoon, M.D. & James Bakalar, or Harvard Medical School
    Published by Yale University Press; ISBN 0-300-05435-1

TREE FREE -- We could stop cutting down our forests for paper, if only the government would let us grow hemp -- even the non-psychoactive varieties. Tree Free Eco Paper, in Portland, imports tree-less paper, 50% hemp and 50% straw, from China, naturally acid-free, and more environmentally sound than the best recycled paper. Call (800) 775-0225 for a free sample.

The National Coalition Against Prohibition (NCAP -- also called Save Our Liberties), is promoting the "Hoover" Resolution and working for creation of the drug policy commission for which it calls. NCAP will help anyone stage a "freedom rally" in their area; contact Eric Harlow at 187 Acalanes Dr. #14, Sunnyvale, CA 94086-5520, (415) 964-3655. NCAP also will provide END THE DRUG WAR stamps ($5/sheet of 30 or $10/3 sheets), t-shirts ($18), buttons ($2), and stickers ($2).

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DRCNet Activist Guide 5/94

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