DRCNet Activist Guide, 1/96

Federal Legislation


H.R. 2618
Medical Marijuana bill, introduced by Rep. Barney Frank. Please contact your Representative and request that he or she co-sponsors this bill -- Republicans are especially needed! Tell them the bill was modeled after legislation sponsored by Newt Gingrich in the early 1980s.

H.R. 1916
A bill to reform the federal forfeiture laws, sponsored by Rep. Henry Hyde (R-IL), chairman of the House Judiciary Committee.


S. 1398
A bill to increase the penalty for trafficking in powder cocaine to the same level as the penalty for trafficking in crack cocaine, sponsored by Senator Breaux of Louisiana.

H.R. 2507
Bill that would undo the marijuana sentencing reforms passed by the US Sentencing Commission last year. (The Sentencing Commission voted to equalize marijuana plant weight equivalencies at 100 grams per plant, as opposed to the 1 kg that previously went into effect at 50 plants or more. About 950 federal prisoners will be affected; some of them have been released already.)

You can write your two Senators or your Representative at the following addresses:

You can call them (or find out who they are) by calling the Congressional Switchboard, at (202) 225-3121, or (800) 962- 3524 as long as it is active.

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DRCNet Activist Guide, 1/96

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