ALERT: Special Offer
for New York Readers

Dear DRCNet reader,

I'm writing to let you know about one of our allied organizations in your own state, and to let you know how we've teamed up to make it easier than ever for you to join both organizations.

ReconsiDer is a non-partisan, grassroots membership organization advocating substantial change in United States drug policy.  ReconsiDer offers a print periodical, the ReconsiDer Forum, a cablecast TV show, ReconsiDer Forum on Drug Policy, and a web site at

ReconsiDer membership dues are normally $5 paid one time, then you are a member for life, and ReconsiDer also has active chapters in Albany and Syracuse, for which dues are an additional $5.  (See the web site for chapters in formation.)  However, you may now join both DRCNet and ReconsiDer for a total of $25, a discount of almost 17%.  (Send $30 if you are also joining a ReconsiDer chapter).  If you are already a ReconsiDer member, you can join DRCNet for the discounted amount of $20.  Just visit our secure online registration form at and write in that it is for the special DRCNet/ReconsiDer offer.  Or send your check or money order to DRCNet, 2000 P St., NW, Suite 615, Washington, DC 20036.  We will forward your dues, name and address to ReconsiDer.

If you are already a DRCNet member, and would like to join ReconsiDer, send your $5 or $10 dues to ReconsiDer, 205 Onondaga Avenue, Syracuse, New York 13207.  For more information about ReconsiDer, call us at (315) 475-6151.

Please note that dues and contributions are not tax deductible.  Please also note that DRCNet and ReconsiDer are separate organizations and are not legally affiliated -- just two allied organizations with enthusiasm for each others work.  Sign up today and help DRCNet and ReconsiDer build the movement!


David Borden  
Executive Director

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