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DRCNet Gets Top Feature in Wired News!


Just a short note over this holiday weekend to let you know some of the good news that your participation in DRCNet over the past 3 1/2 years has helped to bring about: DRCNet was featured in last Thursday's edition of Wired News, one of the most widely read web sites on the net, and which goes out to hundreds of thousands of readers via e-mail and Pointcast, and which sometimes even gets picked up by the Reuters news service. Taking on the Culture of Prohibition was the lead article. The following is the paragraph that appeared near the top of the wired.com home page:

Taking on the 'Culture of Prohibition'

The Drug Reform Coordination Network agrees with The New York Times and the White House about one thing - the Internet plays an important part in the national drug issue. But where others fear the Net as a dope den, DRCNet sees it as an indispensable tool for bringing rationality to the debate.

You can view the article in full by visiting Wired at http://www.wired.com then following the link to "last seven days" and scrolling down to Thursday's articles. Or visit http://www.wired.com/news/news/politics/story/4936.html to go straight to the article's permanent location. We're writing not only to let you know about our "big break," but also to ask that you take a moment to write Wired News and give them some positive feedback for their positive coverage of the issue. You can follow the feedback link at the bottom of the article, or just send e-mail to [email protected].

This would also be a good time to renew or initiate your support of DRCNet! Though our funding situation has partially stabilized, we still are very much in need of ongoing support from our membership. We really want to go full blast between now and October 1, to be prepared for the government's planned Internet anti-drug campaign and be ready to turn it into a positive opportunity for reform. As you will see when you read the Wired article, the feds intend to use the presence of "drug culture" and drug information to smear the reputation of online reform advocacy. We will be ready to do something, but we will be more ready and able to make an impact with your help. Our donations form is online at http://www.drcnet.org/drcreg.html and takes credit card donations -- encrypted for your protection. (Be sure to follow the "SECURE" link on the donations form.) Or just send your check to DRCNet, 4455 Connecticut Ave., NW, Suite B-500, Washington, DC 20008. (If you have made a donation very recently, please accept our apologies for having to scroll through this appeal so soon. We have no way at this time to divide up our outgoing e-mail to reflect that.)

As always, we value your participation whether or not you contribute financially to the organization. This is a very exciting time for us here at DRCNet HQ, and we hope you are excited to be part of it.


David Borden

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