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Marijuana Legislation in California Legislature NOW

Please contact your state legislators immediately in opposition to "Smoke A Joint, Lose Your License" and in support of the medical marijuana implementation bill:

AB 74 -- "Smoke A Joint, Lose Your License" two-year extension -- bill would require a mandatory 6-month driver's license suspension for any marijuana offense, including mere possession of any quantity. OPPOSE

SB 131 -- "Smoke A Joint, Lose Your License" override bill -- opting out of the unfunded federal mandate. SUPPORT

The state must pass one of these two bills or lose approximately $100 million in federal highway funds.

SB 535 -- Prop. 215 Medical Marijuana Implementation Bill -- establishing a $6-million, 3-year research program at the University of California to study the safety and efficacy of medical marijuana. The bill would also: (1) require that parents be consulted on medical use of marijuana for minors under 18; (2) ensure that marijuana defendants have the right to a pretrial hearing to present their medical claims, rather than be forced to go to trial; (3) make it clear that 215 does not override smoking ordinances; (4) make it clear that recommending physicians must have a state physician's and surgeon's license; (5) establish a 2-year task force to propose a "safe and affordable" legal distribution system for medical marijuana. While some reformers may object to some of the restrictions included in this bill, DRCNet feels the provisions are in the spirit of Prop. 215, and that the benefits of successfully implementing medical marijuana in California and of the research program outweigh those concerns. SUPPORT

Because the bills are coming up for a vote imminently, we ask that you contact your legislators by phone or fax. The main number for both chambers is (916) 322-9900.

You can look up your Senators' direct numbers at http://www.sen.ca.gov/www/leginfo/finger.html or view a list at http://www.leginfo.ca.gov/sen-addresses.html on the California Senate web site. Find your assemblymembers at http://ais3.assembly.ca.gov/acs/acsframeset9.htm and get their phone numbers and send them e-mail through http://ais3.assembly.ca.gov/acs/acsframeset7.htm on the California Assembly web site.

For further information, contact Dale Gieringer, (415) 563-5858, [email protected].

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