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Major Constitutional Challenge to
Canadian Drug Laws

A major constitutional challenge to Canada's drug laws is being brought by the Hemp Nation establishment in London, Ontario, with the help of top constitutional law scholar Alan Young and an impressive array of expert witnesses from all over the continent. The estimated remaining expenses for the challenge, mainly to reimburse the expert witnesses for travel expenses, are estimated at $15,000 CDN. We have spoken with some very knowledgeable reformers in Canada, and they responded that this is indeed a promising, important effort, that it has already received a good deal of favorable publicity, and that they feel it is worth supporting. A mere 18 days remain until the court date, April 28, 1997, in London, Ontario, Canada. Professor Young has been working on this challenge for 10 years.

If you wish to support Hemp Nation's constitutional challenge to the drug laws, send your check to:

Hemp Nation
101-343 Richmond Street
London, Ontario
Canada N6A 3C2

Please make your check payable to The Hemp Nation Constitutional Challenge. Donations can be sent in US dollars, but don't forget to use international postage -- 45 cents from the US, and write AIR MAIL on the envelope. Further information, including the case background and list of expert witnesses, is available on the world-wide-web at http://www.hempnation.com.

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