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Action Opportunity to Help California Physicians

Tomorrow, Saturday, Feb. 8, the California Medical Board, which oversees physicians and is responsible for initiating any punitive actions, will deliberate in Los Angeles on the group's response to Prop. 215.

The Board has been very sensible in the wake of passage, urging doctors to obey sound medical practice, and not echoing the federal government's threats at all. The Board has received a staff recommendation to take the most favorable of its options, and *develop guidelines* to help California physicians understand the circumstances in which recommending marijuana, as called for in 215, will NOT lead to disciplinary action.

The Board will accept public comment at its meeting, but you can contact also contact them by fax to express support for physicians' rights to recommend marijuana without penalty.

SEND YOUR FAX TO: Ron Joseph, c/o Erlinda, at (310) 417-3608, or mail to State of California Consumer Affairs, 1426 Howe Avenue, Sacramento, CA. It will be most helpful to send it ASAP. Specifically, you can help by urging the full Board to ADOPT "ALTERNATIVE 4" as recommended by the staff and executive.

We've been told, but have not confirmed, that the meeting will take place at Saturday, 8 a.m., Crowne Plaza Los Angeles Airport Hotel, 5985 W. Century Blvd., Westchester. Sorry for the short notice, but we are literally forwarding this to you immediately after receiving the announcement ourselves.

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