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Clinton Drug Strategy Coming Out

We've been informed that CNN is expected to carry Clinton's 1997 Drug Strategy report live at 11:00am EST, and that drug czar Barry McCaffrey will be interviewed after the speech. It was reported they will attack the California and Arizona referendums. It's also been reported that drug education will be a major emphasis of the President's speech. We are unable to confirm any of this, but are putting the information out in the hopes that it will turn out to be of help.

An Associated Press article reported that the Department of Education has found that drug education has had "small" effects; for example, the D.A.R.E. program, which receives the lion's share of federal funds, hasn't worked as well as other programs.

Dr. Joel Brown, who headed the California study evaluating the state's drug education programs and found them ineffective, has informed us he was interviewed for National Public Radio's "All Things Considered" program, airing at various times around the nation today, Feb. 25.

DRCNet is participating in a press conference with several other organizations this afternoon, responding to the Administration's Drug Control Strategy. A variety of reform perspectives are expected to be heard. Keep a look out for coverage.

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