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Virginia Anti-Medmj Bill Faltering,
Help Needed This Weekend

The Virginia bill to repeal the state's medical marijuana law is being considered in the Senate Committee on Education and Health, and indications are that it could fail. Reformers need to take action THIS WEEKEND to make sure it fails. If it gets through committee, it will be much more difficult to stop it in the full Senate.

The Virginia pro-medical-marijuana organizers are asking supporters to attend the committee's hearings in Richmond this weekend. They are being held on Sunday, Feb. 16, and are expected to begin promptly at 2:30pm, at the state legislature at 9th & Broad, near the Downtown exit off I-95. Make sure to arrive a little bit early, so you can get your yellow badge to visibly show your support for medical marijuana to the committee.

We don't know whether you will be able to reach any Senate offices by phone this weekend, but people will be there, so it's worth a try. The committee members are:

BARRY, Warren E. (R)    (804) 786-6989 

WALKER, Stanley (D)     (804) 786-7280  [email protected]

SASLAW, Richard (D)     (804) 786-7391 

LAMBERT, Ben. III (D)   (804) 786-6988 

HOUCK, R. Edward (D)    (804) 786-6883 

LUCAS, L. Louise (D)    (804) 786-6693 

HOWELL, Janet D. (D)    (804) 786-7187  [email protected]

EDWARDS, John S. (D)    (804) 786-6702 

COURIC, Emily (D)       (804) 786-6887  [email protected]

CHICHESTER, John (R)    (804) 786-3441  [email protected]

WOODS, Jane H. (R)      (804) 786-7396 

POTTS, H.Russell (R)    (804) 786-6069 

QUAYLE, Frederick (R)   (804) 786-7293 

MARTIN, Steven H. (R)   (804) 786-6797 

NEWMAN, Stephen D.(R)   (804) 786-6595  [email protected]

Tell them you support access to medical marijuana and that you oppose HB 1621.

You can also e-mail your own Senators via on the web, and you can fax the State Senate at (804) 786-0095.

For more info, contact Lennice Werth at (804) 645-8816.

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