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URGENT: California Legislative Alert

The infamous "Smoke A Joint, Lose Your License" bill has returned to the California Legislature and is NOW being considered for permanent passage -- or permanent defeat. An opposing bill that would officially "opt-out" of the un- funded federal mandate has also been introduced and has passed through committee. We are asking all California supporters of drug policy reform to write to their own Assemblymembers and Senators, and to certain key legislators, in opposition to "smoke a joint, lose your license" and in favor of opting out.

Please contact both your State Senator and your State Assemblymember, and tell them you oppose AB 74, extending Smoke A Joint, Lose Your License indefinitely; and that you support SB 131, opting-out of this un-funded federal mandate.

Because the bills are being discussed now, we are asking you to contact your legislators by phone or fax. The main number for both the Senate and Assembly is (916) 322-9900. (However, it is closed today, Wed. 2/12, for a state holiday.) You can look up your Senators' direct numbers at http://www.sen.ca.gov/www/leginfo/finger.html, or view a list at http://www.leginfo.ca.gov/sen-addresses.html, on the Cal. Senate web site. You can find your assemblymembers at http://ais3.assembly.ca.gov/acs/acsframeset9.htm, and get their phone numbers and send them e-mail through http://ais3.assembly.ca.gov/acs/acsframeset7.htm on the Cal. Assembly web site.

Please also call the members of the Senate Committee on Public Safety, to express your opposition to AB 74. (SB 131 has already passed out of committee, so we are not listing those committee members.)

Bob Hertzberg           (D-Van Nuys/N. Hollywood)       (916) 445-7644 

Grace Napolitano        (D-Whittier/Norwalk)            (916) 445-0965 

Sheila Kuehl            (D-Santa Monica)                (916) 445-4956 

Carl Washington         (D-LA/Compton)                  (916) 445-7486 

Kevin Murray            (D-LA/Culver City)              (916) 445-8800 

Diane Martinez          (D-San Gabriel/Monterey Park)   (916) 445-7852 

Jan Goldsmith           (R-San Diego/Poway)             (916) 445-2484 

George House            (R-Tuolumne)                    (916) 445-7906 

Scott Baugh             (R-Huntington Beach)            (916) 445-6233 

Rod Pacheco             (R-Riverside)                   (916) 445-0854 

Larry Bowler            (R-Sacramento)                  (916) 445-7402 

Carole Migden           (D-San Francisco)               (916) 445-8077 

Dion Aroner             (D-Berkeley)                    (916) 445-7554

Remember, the legislature is fast tracking these bills, and has to pass one or the other by March 1 or lose the highway funds. Please call your legislators NOW to kill "Smoke A Joint, Lose Your License" once and for all..

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