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Prohibitionists Attacking
Virginia Medical Marijuana Law

Prohibitionists in the state of Virginia have come out fighting by introducing a repeal of Virginia's long-standing compassionate use law, along with the standard drug war bills increasing penalties for minor offenses. Please help prevent a successful backlash against prop. 215 in Virginia. Virginia's legislative season is extremely short, so we ask that Virginians write or call their legislators now.

You can phone your state Delegate, or find out who he or she is, by calling (804) 786-6530 (legislative information) or (804) 786-8826 (clerk's office). You can find call your state Senator, or find out who he or she is, by calling (804) 786-3838 (legislative information) or (804) 786-2366 (clerk's office). If calling from in state, you can use (800) 889-0229.

You can write your state legislators at:

        The Honorable {your Delegate}   The Honorable {your Senator} 

        House of Delegates              Senate of Virginia 

        P.O. Box 406                    P.O. Box 396

        Richmond, VA 23218              Richmond, VA 23218

This is an initial advance notice that we will be updated in the coming days.
For more information please contact:
Lennice Werth, RT 3 Box 692, Crewe, VA 23930,
(804) 645-8816 (voice),
(804) 645-8324 (fax),
e-mail [email protected]

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