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Demonstration against Gen. McCaffrey
in San Francisco

ACT UP/Golden Gate is sponsoring a demonstration against Clinton "Drug Czar" Gen. Barry McCaffrey on Monday, Jan. 13, in protest of the administration's attempts to thwart Proposition 215 by threatening to prosecute doctors who recommend medicinal marijuana. McCaffrey will be speaking at an invitation-only conference on methamphetamine abuse being held in the Presidio.

Gather at Noon at the intersection of Presidio and Lincoln, in front of Letterman Hospital in the Presidio. Public transit riders can take Muni buses #29 or #43. For information, call (415) 252-9200 (please note that that this is an all-volunteer group and the phone is only staffed intermittently). Information is also available at http://www.actupgg.org, ACT UP/Golden Gate's web site.

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