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Urgent Request to E-Mail NBC Dateline

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According to television listings, the long-awaited Dateline report on the DARE drug education program has been scheduled for tonight, Sunday 9/1, 7:00pm EST. Rumor has it that the report is critical of DARE, but that DARE has exerted pressure on NBC to tone down the show and/or delay its airing.

Multiple studies have found the DARE program to be ineffective, and possibly counterproductive, for its stated goal of reducing drug abuse. The recent rises in teen drug use levels are themselves the best evidence for the failure of drug education as it is currently practiced. It's important that the real story about the DARE program get out to the public. Please take a moment right now to send e- mail to [email protected] to congratulate them for taking on this important issue.


Dear NBC/Dateline:

I've noticed that you are scheduled to air a report tonight on the DARE program. I'm deeply concerned about the ineffectiveness of current drug education efforts (as evidenced by the recent rise in teen drug usage) and about the lack of critical debate and examination of this important issue. I hope that you have chosen to take a critical look at the popular but flawed program and have not caved in to the political pressures exerted against anyone who challenges `sacred cow' programs like DARE. Our kids are too important to sacrifice to politics and vested interest.


(your name)

P.S. You can find good information and discussion about DARE on the world-wide-web at http://www.drcnet.org/DARE.

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