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Special Television Segment On Drug Policy And Human Rights

On May 21st, 1996, PBS videotaped the proceedings of a public policy forum organized by the Partnership for Responsible Drug Information (PRDI), which was entitled "Seeking Solutions to Problems With Our Drug Policy" and which featured a keynote speech by Baltimore Mayor Kurt L. Schmoke. PBS videotaped the proceedings as possible footage for its syndicated show "Rights and Wrongs: Human Rights Television" with Charlayne Hunter-Gault.

We have been advised that PBS will utilize clips from the PRDI forum in a nationally broadcast presentation of "Rights and Wrongs". The half hour show, which is entitled "Human Rights and the War on Drugs", will air during the period of July 18th through July 24th, 1996. A schedule of stations and broadcast times follows at the end of this post.

"Human Rights and the War on Drugs" will feature an interview with President Clinton's 'Drug Czar', General Barry McCaffrey. Also featured will be Richard Stratton, editor of Prison Life Magazine, and Jamie Fellner of Human Rights Watch.

Please watch "Human Rights and the War on Drugs" and inform your colleagues and friends of its broadcast schedule.


This is a schedule for major media markets. Check your local listings for your local Public Television station in smaller markets that are not listed.

City                    Station         Channel         Day/Time

New York                WNET            13              Thur., July 18, 10:30pm 

                        CUNY            75              Mon., July 22, 1,6,11pm

Los Angeles             KCET            28              Sat., July 20, 1:30pm

Chicago                 WTTW            11              Sat., July 20, 7:00am

Philadelphia            WHYY            12              Sun., July 21, noon

                        WYBE            35

San Francisco           KQED            9               Sun., July 21, 2:30pm 

                        KCSM            60              Weekdays at 3:30pm

San Jose                KTEH            54              Mon., July 22, 12:30am

Des Moines              KDIN            11              tbd

Lexington,              KY WKLE         46              Sat., July 20, 5:00pm

Boston                  WGBX            44              Wed., July 24, 10:00pm

Washington, DC          WETA            26              Mon., July 22, 1:00am 

                        WHMM            32              Mon., July 22, 9:30pm

Dallas/Ft. Worth        KDTN            2               Sun., July 21, 4:00pm

Detroit                 WTVS            56              Sun., July 21, 4:00pm

Atlanta                 WGTV            8               Wed., July 24, 11:30pm

Houston                 KUHT            8               Sat., July 20, 4:00pm

Cleveland               WNEO            45              Sat., July 20, midnight

Minn./St. Paul          KTCI            17              Wed., July 24, 9:30pm

Seattle                 KCTS            9               Sat., July 20, 11:30am

Miami                   WLRN            17              Tues., July 23, 11:00am

Pittsburgh              WQEX            16              Sun., July 21, 1:30pm

Sacramento              WKIE            cable           tbd

Phoenix                 KAET            8               Thur., July 18, 10:00pm

Denver                  KBDI            12              Fri., July 19, 9:00pm

Hartford/New Haven 

                        WEDH            24              Sun., July 21, noon 

                        WEDY            65

San Diego               KPBS            15              tbd

Indianapolis            WFYI            20              tbd

Portland, Or.           KOPB            10              Wed., July 24, 6:00pm

Kansas City             KCPT            19              Wed., July 24, 10:30pm

Buffalo, NY             WNEQ            23              Fri., July 19, 8:30pm

Cincinnati, OH          WCET            48              Sat., July 20, 10:30am

Madison,                WI WHA          21              Mon., July 22, 11:00pm 

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