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DRCNet Seeking Letters of Support

We are currently in the process of seeking major new funding to expand our operations. Right now, DRCNet has a full-time staff of one person; we are hoping to hire at least one new person, and are also hoping to raise funds to give about 700 drug policy-related groups free initial DRCNet memberships by mail, in the hopes of turning DRCNet into a true information clearinghouse for the movement; and we are looking for funds to acquire computer equipment for interns and volunteers, and to do more mailings for membership growth. More staff is especially needed, to enable us to develop the DRCNet web site up to the level originally envisioned, to consistently monitor federal and state legislation for the rapid-response-team, to get our newsletter out more often, and to enable us to spend more time participating in the online talk groups and volunteer projects.

I am writing to request letters of support that we can copy and send to prospective funders. If you think you can write such a letter, please send a copy to the following address:

If you have a professional letterhead, using that for this letter will enhance its effectiveness. But we'd be glad to have your letters of support, whether you're a well-known professional, an enthusiastic student who uses our information, or anyone else. Thanks in advance.

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