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To our subscribers:

It's that time again -- for DRCNet to be able to continue getting bulletins like the ones accompanying this note out to the world, we need to ask our readers for financial support to keep our operation running. We are currently in between grant cycles, we don't know when further funding will come in or how much will come in, and our bank account is almost empty. We need to raise about $2000-3000 between now and the end of June, for our basic operating budget, and more if we are to proceed with some of our special plans, including a mass mailing to the membership of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers.

We've had some successes recently, including letters to the editor in the New York Times, the Topeka Capitol Journal, the Des Moines Register, and the Trenton Times, and a radio appearance on the Pacifica Network News. We've added new sections to our web site, http://www.drcnet.org including sections on DARE, needle exchange, and methadone maintenance, as well as a special new front door we share with several affiliated sites, http://www.druglibrary.org, including a dedicated search engine that lets you search several of the sites at once.

If everyone on the list were to pitch in even a little bit, enough funds would be generated for us to hire additional help and really get things rolling. A $10 donation will make you an official "virtual" member. $25 will get you our newsletter for a year. Sustaining membership is $100/year, or $10/month. (We need more sustaining members to be able to expand our staffing level.) Several members have pledged this amount or greater, and two are even sending $25/month!

Donations can be sent to: DRCNet, 4455 Connecticut Ave. NW, Suite B-500, Washington, DC 20008-2302. Please make checks payable to DRCNet. (Tax-deductible donations can be made to our collaboration fund with the Drug Policy Foundation; make the check out to DPF and write "DPF/DRCNet collaboration" in the memo section.) We can also accept donations by credit card (not tax-deductible). We'll accept your credit card information by e-mail, if you choose to send it that way, but it is not secure, and we don't recommend it. It is better to send that information by mail, by fax to (202) 362-0032, or to call us at (202) 362-0030. (We'll have secure credit card transactions through the web soon, on our own web site and on the "First Virtual" online commerce site.) If you want to contribute but think you'll need a reminder, please send us your address and we'll send you a form and return envelope.

You can also support DRCNet, and save money on your long-distance phone bill at the same time. Under our arrangement with the Affinity Corporation, you will receive a guaranteed discount of at least 10 percent off of whatever long-distance plan you currently use, and 5 percent of what you pay will go to DRCNet. To sign up, or for more information, call (800) 670-0008 and give them DRCNet's tracking codes: 611124-000 and 655-000080.

Thank you for helping us fight the war against the war on drugs. We can't win it without you.


David Borden,
Drug Reform Coordination Network

P.S. The growing debate on Prohibition could mean it will topple like the Berlin Wall -- but only if concerned citizens like you and I push to make it happen.


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