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Info needed ASAP

Some of you may have seen or heard news reports relating to the recent heroin-related emergency in Philadelphia, in which a bad batch of heroin sent more than a hundred heroin users to the emergency room, causing havoc and endangering the users, hospital staff and other patients. It was speculated that a dealer may have put the bad batch out in order to damage the reputation of a rival dealer, making it a classic prohibition story. We are urgently looking for information about the press coverage. If you have seen or heard any newspaper, magazine, radio or television reports about the event, please send us any of the following information that you are able:

* Content of the story. The actual text would be ideal.

* Where and when the story ran.

* Who wrote, delivered and/or edited the story.

* Contact information for those individuals and/or their paper or station.

This information is needed for a pilot project aimed at educating the media about the consequences of prohibition. We need the information as soon as possible, and are hoping to begin to put it to use early this week. Thanks in advance for your help.

David Borden
Drug Reform Coordination Network

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