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War on Drugs: R.I.P

LibertyNow, a libertarian activist group devoted to the repeal of consensual-crime statutes, is hosting a drug policy forum on Saturday, April 13, from 2 to 4 pm in Washington, DC. "War on Drugs Rest in Peace: Searching for Solutions to America's Longest War" will feature speakers from a variety of disciplines, who are seeking to change the way America deals with drugs and drug abuse. Presentations will be given by:

* Richard B. Boddie, Chairman, Orange Co. Libertarian Party -- on the libertarian opposition to the Drug War and its destructive effects on minority communities

* Dave Fratello, Communications Director, Drug Policy Foundation -- on the state of drug policy reform in the United States and abroad

* Reverend Dr. Andrew Leigh Gunn, Clergy for Enlightened Drug Policies -- a religious perspective critical of the War on Drugs

* Dr. Jeffrey Schaler, American University -- a critique of the disease model of addiction and coerced treatment

* Ian Vasquez, Cato Institute -- on America's interventionist drug control efforts

* Arnold S. Trebach, Ph.D., Pres., Drug Policy Foundation -- moderator

The forum will be held in Anderson Formal Lounge at American University, 4400 Massachusetts Ave., NW. Appetizers will be provided following the forum.

For more information contact Scott Ehlers at 202-537-7270,
Marc Brandl at 202-885-7681 or <http://www.american.edu/studlife/clubs/libnow>.

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