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Virginia Legislative Alert

[Note: this bulletin is being sent to DRCNet's main mailing list, because not everyone has signed up yet for the appropriate regional list. We will soon be transitioning all state-level bulletins off of the main list.]

Virginia's short legislative session is in progress, and a number of bad bills to escalate the Drug War are being considered. Please write or call your state legislators in opposition to these bills. It will all be decided by the end of this month, so please act now.

Please also call or write in favor of House Joint Resolution 183, a bill which expresses the sense that drugs should be treated as a medical issue, not a criminal justice issue.

You can phone your state Delegate, or find out who he or she is, by calling (804) 786-6530 (legislative information) or (804) 786-8826 (clerk's office). You can find call your state Senator, or find out who he or she is, by calling (804) 786-3838 (legislative information) or (804) 786-2366 (clerk's office). Virginia residents can use (800) 889-0229.

You can write to them at:

The Honorable {your Delegate}
House of Delegates
P.O. Box 406
Richmond, VA 23218
The Honorable {your Senator}
Senate of Virginia
P.O. Box 396
Richmond, VA 23218

Remember, everything will be decided by the end of this month, so don't delay!

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