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Important Announcements

A few important announcements from DRCNet:

1) Some of our friends are still using the old addresses [email protected] and [email protected]. The Netcom account was closed a few months ago, and e-mail forwarding will probably only continue for a short time. Please use [email protected], [email protected] or [email protected] from now on. Please check your mailing lists or aliases. Also, please note that DRCNet's "official" e-mail address is [email protected]. This is the best address to give out to people who are not already part of the network, because they will receive an information file back automatically. Finally, please note that our official web site address is http://www.drcnet.org.

2) In our update a few days ago, it was announced that Dawn Day, Director of the Dogwood Center, and a member of DRCNet's advisory board, will discuss her recent paper, "Health Emergency: The Spread of Drug-Related AIDS Among African Americans and Latinos", on the ACLU America On-Line forum, Saturday 2/19, at 8:00 pm (enter key word "ACLU"). As many of you have probably figured out, the correct date is Saturday 2/24.

3) There will definitely be a Massachusetts legislative alert going out this afternoon or this evening. If you are from New England, and have not already subscribed to the drc-ne mailing list, I hope you will take a moment now to do so. To subscribe, send e-mail to [email protected] with the line "subscribe drc-ne firstname lastname" in the message. There may also be a California alert going out in the next few days. The corresponding mailing list for California is drc-pacific.

David Borden

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