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New Issue of The Activist Guide

The latest issue of DRCNet's newsletter, The Activist Guide, has been formatted for e-mail and has been distributed to the [email protected] mailing list. If you have not received the newsletter, then you are probably not subscribed. To subscribe to guide, send e-mail to [email protected], with the line "subscribe guide firstname lastname" in the message.

The Activist Guide will also be made available on the DRCNet web site, http://www.drcnet.org, the DRCNet ftp site, ftp.calyx, subdirectory pub/DRCNet, and on the Usenet newsgroup talk.politics.drugs. This will take place shortly.

This issue is dated last January 10, and was mailed to hardcopy subscribers on January 12. I had intended to create and distribute the e-mail version much sooner, but was delayed by technical difficulties. (I lost the files, and the scanner wasn't working, so I had to retype the whole thing.) I apologize for the delay, and hope to make e-mail version of future issues available much sooner after their publication date.

If you have not received the current issue by e-mail, and would like to, please send e-mail to [email protected], with the line "SEND ACTIVIST GUIDE" in the subjec

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