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Ethan Nadelmann, Director of the Lindesmith Center, Ira Glasser, Executive Director of the ACLU, and CUNY professor John Morgan debate former New York Mayor Ed Koch, Michael Massing and Andrew Chisholm on the TV program "Debates Debates." The Subject: Yes or No to Drug Prohibition. It will air in the New York television viewing area on Friday night, Nov. 29, from 8 - 9 PM on channel 25. In other areas of the country, this program will be aired some time during the period Nov. 29 through Dec. 6, 1996 on local PBS stations, under the program title "Debates Debates." Viewers should check their local TV listings to see when it can be viewed in their cities.

For anyone unable to sleep in the middle of the night, a half hour interview with Nadelmann on drug policy reform can be heard this Saturday night/Sunday morning, in the New York area, on CBS FM 101.1, at 3:30 AM (December 1).

Also check out ABC Weekend News on Sunday night (December 1), which should have a segment on the aftermath of Propositions 215 and 200.

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