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Rumors of Interesting TV Shows

In the last day, DRCNet has received reports of several interesting and possibly important TV news programs to air tomorrow, Tuesday 6/20. We have not yet been able to verify the days, times, stations, or even whether the programs are airing at all -- but if we wait any longer to post this notice, it will arrive too late to be of any help. The programs we've heard about:

The Cronkite Report-- "The Drug Dilemma: War or Peace?" examines the widespread effects of drugs on American society, including the spread of AIDS and the increasing prison population, 10:00 PM EST, The Discovery Network.

CNN may be airing a special on medical marijuana at 5:00 PM EST; Arnold Trebach, President of the Drug Policy Foundation, is an interviewee.

NBC Nightly News will have a story on marijuana in their science section (with Robert Brazell). The impetus for the story is the soon to be released editorial in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) which favors marijuana decriminalization/legalization.

There was a report of a program on CBS that includes footage of the San Francisco Cannabis Buyers Club (medical marijuana) also airing tomorrow night; I suspect this may actually be the NBC program.

All of these are (according to unconfirmed reports) to be shown tomorrow, Tuesday 6/20.

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