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Actor Carroll O'Connor Suggests Legalization


Bulletin from the Drug Policy Foundation:

In a news conference today, Weds. March 29, actor Carroll O'Connor, TV's "Archie Bunker," suggested that drugs should be legalized. What made the statement unique was that it came after O'Connor learned that his son, Hugh, 33, had committed suicide yesterday, reportedly in frustration with his own inability to shake a cocaine habit.

More details will emerge later, but the TV news last night had O'Connor stating that Hugh was unwilling to go into drug treatment for the third or fourth 6- to 12-month stay over a 16-year history of drug abuse. Instead, he chose suicide, and called his father before shooting himself.

At the news conference, according to the United Press International wire, O'Connor said that something has to be done to "get rid of this menace." Then he added, "I'll say this: I'm not sure we shouldn't legalize it."

A reporter that called DPF and who saw the news conference said O'Connor pointed to the fact that legalization would not bring his son back, but it could reduce crime. It will be significant in the future to hear about Hugh O'Connor's initiation in drug use and any run-ins with the criminal justice system, as a way of understanding his father's comments. DPF is trying to reach him through a publicist.

Dave Fratello/Rob Stewart
Drug Policy Foundation

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