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The Atlanta Follies

Shaken by the recent successes of the drug policy reform movement, particularly George Soros' six million dollar pledge to the Drug Policy Foundation, the Drug-War establishment is plotting strategies for stifling the debate on drug prohibition. In a letter rife with misinformation, Mayor Campbell of Atlanta announced "American Cities Against Drugs: Seeking Alternatives to Drug Legalization," a 2 1/2 day conference on how to counter the reform movement. Mayors in attendance will sign "The Atlanta Resolution," calling for an end to discussion of drug legalization, in a national press conference at noon on Monday, May 15. (The Atlanta Resolution is a cheap imitation of The Frankfurt Resolution, in which European city officials called for harm reduction strategies in lieu of prohibition.)

This is a preliminary message to inform you that drug reformers are planning an organized response, which will include an on-site demonstration in Atlanta and other activities. Details are not yet available, but will be announced as soon as possible. Please follow the Drug Reform Coordination Network (DRCNet) bulletins for further information as it becomes available. If you are not on the DRCNet e-mail distribution list, send e-mail to "[email protected]" to join.

The cost of the demonstration and accompanying publicity is expected to run in the thousands. Funds are urgently needed to help us make the most of this event. Donations can be sent to:

Please make checks payable to "DRCNet -- Atlanta Project."

(Note: DRCNet is performing the funds administration for the Atlanta Project, but we are only one of a number of organizations involved in the planning.)

This is our big chance to turn the drug warriors' dishonesty to our advantage. This Prohibitionists' Cabal will correctly be seen as a crude attempt to end the crucial debate on drug policy; but only if we make a decent showing. Mark your calendars!

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