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This message is to announce a new DRCNet fundraising program in which you can support the organization and save money for yourself at the same time. We have enrolled in a program designed for non-profits with the Affinity long-distance carrier. Affinity offers a guaranteed savings of at least 10 percent off of any residential long-distance plan in which you are currently enrolled (5 to 20 percent for businesses). They do this by matching your current plan's per minute rates, but billing in six-second increments rather than the usual one minute, crediting you any amount necessary to bring the discount to 10 percent.

Enrolling in Affinity will earn money for DRCNet, because Affinity will pay us 5 percent royalties on all of your long distance usage. So if your long distance bill averages $50/month, Affinity will pay DRCNet $2.50 per month, or $30/year. This will help us stay afloat and give us funds to grow, build membership and start new programs. And reading your monthly phone bill will be a little less mundane, as each bill will contain a DRCNet message inside of it.

Prior to enrolling in this program, we contacted a number of non-profits that are participating in the Affinity program. They all gave good reviews of Affinity, saying that they are delivering what they promise, to both the organizations and the individual long distance users. If you do decide to enroll, we would like to hear your opinion on Affinity.

Enrollment in this program is not limited to DRCNet members -- all you need is a telephone. To enroll, call Affinity at (800) 670-0008, and tell them your organization is the Drug Reform Coordination Network, organization code 611124-000, agent code 655-000080. If you really want to help us raise funds, you can give this information to friends and other allies in the cause. This is a golden opportunity for you and them to financially support the cause of drug policy reform at not cost (in fact a savings) to yourselves. Thank you for considering this offer.

[Note: This message should only be reposted on forums and mailing lists where its fundraising nature will not violate the ground rules or offend the readership.]

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