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Virginia State Legislative Update

Please contact your state senators and representatives in opposition to the following bills:

HB 1550:
Class 6 felony for being in possession of a firearm while tending or in possession of marijuana plants.
HB 1551:
Lowers kingpin threshold from 500 kilos to 10 kilos.
HB 1449:
Expands current provision which makes possession of a firearm during possession of any schedule I or II drugs a class 6 felony.
HB 2466:
Allows forfeiture of vehicles & money in drug sale cases.
HB 1375:
Increases penalties for selling or giving drugs.
SB 790:
Includes weight of seeds and stems when determining sentencing in marijuana cases.
SB 634:
Lowers kingpin threshold even more than HB 1551.

Dial 1-800-889-0229 toll free to speak to your legislators.
Virginia's legislative session is short, so please call this month.

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