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Lobby Agriculture committee for Industrial Hemp

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The following bulletin has been submitted to DRCNet by Alan Gordon of the American Drug History Institute, and forwarded to you with only minor modification:

The nominee for Agriculture Secretary will have confirmation hearings in front of the Senate Agriculture Committee. We interpret President Clinton's Executive Order 129-19 to pass jurisdiction of hemp permits away from DEA and into USDA. E-mail/write/fax/ phone the American Drug History Institute with your communications to the Senate Agriculture Committee, and we'll compile, forward and catalog them. Whether or not they affect the hearings, the correspondence will be donated to Penn State's Library for inclusion with the Archives of Harry J. Anslinger.

In the words of Rufus King in his 1992 visit to Penn State, commenting on Anslinger's Archives and donating his own literature to them:

"It's a ... shame this isn't surrounded by materials to refute it."

Tell the Ag. Committee to ask Glickman about Exec. Order 129-19. Contact the committee through The American Drug History Institute:

E-mail---> [email protected]
phone(814) 237 1861
fax (814) 231 1335
953 Old Boalsburg Rd.
State College PA 16801

You might also want to ask your own Reps and Senators to contact the Agricultural Committee regarding industrial hemp. Address for any member of Congress:

The Honorable {your Representative}     The Honorable {your Senator}

House of Representatives                United States Senate 

Washington, D.C. 20515                  Washington, D.C. 2051 

You can call your rep and senators (or find out who they are)
through the Congressional Switchboard, (202) 224-3121.

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