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(Information on MTV drug policy documentary included below -- please read).

Many of our subscribers have contacted us recently, wondering if DRCNet was still in business! We are; the recent dearth of bulletins has resulted from a combination of hectic schedules and a political situation that was relatively static -- until about a week ago, when it once again exploded. Several important notices will be sent out to you very shortly (or are included together with this one if you get notices by post.)

Issue #2 of the The Activist Guide should be printed tomorrow and will be distributed in hardcopy and electronically to our subscribers. We apologize for being behind schedule in newsletter production -- but wish to assure our hardcopy subscribers that you will receive a full 12 issues of The Activist Guide, even if that takes more than a year.

E-mail subscribers: some of you have taken the initiative to repost DRCNet announcements on electronic forums, bulletin boards, perhaps even printed them out and made photocopies. This is greatly appreciated. I ask that those of you who are redistributing DRCNet announcement please tell me as soon as possible, so that I can send you the special posting format (the one used on the UseNet -- includes DRCNet background and contact information). Also, the DRCTalk strategy forum is open to all who are interested: to subscribe send e-mail to "[email protected]" with the line "subscribe drctalk-l" in the body of the message.

Many e-mail subscribers have been generous and have purchased newsletter subscriptions or made donations, or encouraged friends of theirs to subscribe. You are helping DRCNet pay its bills and do promotion, and we are grateful.

Updated information for new subscribers: $25 for full membership, $18 for newsletter only, $10 for rapid response team only. Electronic versions will continue to be distributed at no charge. The decision to raise subscription rates was the result of a more realistic assessment of costs, particularly promotional costs. Existing subscriptions at old rates will of course be happily honored.

One hot news item that didn't make it into the newsletter: MTV is airing a one hour special on drugs, including many aspects of the Drug War and the reform movement. STRAIGHT DOPE: An MTV News Special Report on Drugs, will air on Tuesday, August 23 at 10 pm EDT (Premiere), Saturday, Aug. 27 at 1 pm, 5 pm and 8 pm EDT, and Sunday August 28 at 2 pm and 7 pm EDT. The Drug Policy Foundation has asked us to help get the word around about it. This is a good opportunity to educate some people, so please tell anyone whom you think might be interested.

Two bulletins related to the Crime Bill are on the way (or enclosed). These are extremely urgent, so we hope that DRCNet members will act quickly on them and if possible redistribute them. Thank you all for your participation; together we can bring about change.

- David Borden

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