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NRA, Charlton Heston Criticize Safety Valve

In a highly dishonest advertisement by the National Rifle Association on CNN last Tuesday, actor Charlton Heston criticized the Crime Bill, claiming that it would let 10,000 drug dealers back out on the streets. Nowhere in the commercial did Heston mention the NRA's real objection to the bill, which is the Assault Weapons Ban.

The NRA's tactics are reprehensible: they've sacrificed both truth and the rights of others in order to advance their agenda. In doing so, they risk alienating a large number of their supporters.

Please contact the NRA and Heston to let them know what you think of their Machiavellian politics:

        National Rifle Association      Charlton Heston 

        11250 Waples Mill Road          c/o International Creative Management 

        Fairfax, VA 22030               8942 Wilshire Boulevard 

        (703) 267-1000                  Beverly Hills, CA 90211

Some points for your letters:

Note: DRCNet is strictly devoted to drug policy reform, and takes no position either for or against gun control. We do maintain, however, that the bulk of gun crime results directly or indirectly from drug prohibition, and that the most, possibly the only effective means available for significantly reducing violence today is legalization.

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