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The following posting was sent to DRCNet by subscriber Tom Rohan:

The June 12th "Parade" magazine cover article was on marijuana legalization. You can call a 900 number to voice your opinion on marijuana legalization. You have to call before midnight on June 15th. The following is a post I read about this that summarizes it very clearly.

The cover article in the "Parade" section of the Sunday (Jun 13) newspaper
is: "Should Marijuana Be Legal?"

They want to know OUR opinion by a phone in.....

Call 1-900-773-1200 (75 cents) between 8AM EDT Sat (Jun 11)
and midnight EDT Wednesday (Jun 15).

Be prepared to answer the following:

1. Should marijuana be as legal as alcoholic beverages? 

        Press 1 for YES. Press 3 for NO. 
2. Should marijuana be legal for medical purposes? 

        Press 1 for YES. Press 3 for NO. 
3. How often have you used marijuana?

        Press 1 for NEVER. 

        Press 3 for ONCE. 

        Press 5 for OCCASIONALLY. 

        Press 7 for FREQUENTLY. 
4. What is your sex?

        Press 1 for FEMALE. Press 3 for MALE. 
5. What is your age? 

        Please tap in the number.

CALL 1-900-773-1200
75 cents a call.
Touch-tone phone only.
Sponsored by Parade, New York, N.Y.

Posted by [email protected] as a public service.

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