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Harvard Drug Conference/Debate to Take Place
May 21st

The date of the Harvard Drug Conference/Debate has finally been set, to May 21st. Email volunteers were extremely helpful in helping us get the mailing list together. I'm sorry to say that the Surgeon General has cancelled her appearance. But the conference is still looking to be a major event. Drug Czar Lee Brown will give the keynote address, and C-Span will probably be broadcasting the whole show. Following is the latest version of the program:

Crime, Drugs, Health & Prohibition II:
The Great National Debate on America's Drug Policy
Austin Hall, Harvard Law School
Saturday, May 21, 1994
8:30 am - 5:00 pm

Featured Keynote Speaker: Lee P. Brown, Ph.D.
Director, White House
Office of National Drug Control Policy

Nancy Brown                     NH Coordinator, Families Against Mandatory Minimums 

Cynthia Cotts                   Contributing Writer, Rolling Stone, The Nation 

Richard Cowan                   National Director, 

                                National Organization for Reform of Marijuana Laws 

Rev. Richard                    Dalton Executive Director, 

                                U.S. Urban Ministries Alliance

Steven B.                       Duke, Esq. Yale Law School, 

                                Author of "America's Longest War" 

Hon. James P. Gray              District Judge, Orange County Superior Court, 


James Gurule,                   Esq. Professor, Notre Dame School of Law

Lewis Halprin,                  Esq. Exec. Asst. D.A., Office of Special Narcotics, 

                                New York City 

Ray Kelley                      Director, Substance Abuse Project, 

                                Mass. Supreme Judicial Court

Louis Lasagna,                  M.D. Dean, Microbiology Dept., 

                                Tufts University 

Laura Murphy Lee                Director, Washington D.C. 

                                Office of the American Civil Liberties Union 

Michael Letwin,                 Esq. President, Association of Legal Aid Attorneys 

Clarence Lusane,                Ph.D. Author of "Pipe Dream Blues", 


Marc Mauer,                     Director Associate Director, The Sentencing Project, 


Jerome Miller                   Director, National Center on Institutions 

                                and Alternatives

Jeffrey Miron,                  Ph.D. Economics Department, Boston University

John Morgan,                    M.D. Medical School, City University of New York 

Steven Morreale                 Demand Reduction Coordinator, NE Region, 

                                Drug Enforcement Administration 

David H. Mulligan               Commissioner, Massachusetts Department of Public Health

David Musto,                    M.D. Yale University Medical School

Ethan Nadlemann,                Ph.D. Woodrow Wilson School, Princeton University 

Nicholas Pastore                Chief of Police, City of New Haven, Connecticut 

Francis Pisegna                 Deputy Director,

                                Massachusetts Governor's Alliance Against Drugs 

Edward D. Rapacki,              Esq. Assistant Attorney General, 

                                Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Wornie Reed.                    Ph.D. Director, Urban Child Research Center, 

                                Cleveland State University 

John Renner,                    M.D. U.S. Veterans Administration Hospital, 

                                Boston, Massachusetts

Ralph Salerno                   Detective Supervisor (retired), 

                                New York Police Department

Rev. Walter Shropshire, Jr.     Pastor, Foundry United Methodist Church, 


Harvey Silverglate,             Esq. Silverglate & Good, columnist for BostonPhoenix

Jonathan Soroko,                Esq. Former Drug Prosecutor, New York City

Edith Springer                  AIDS/HIV Education Specialist, New Jersey

Eric E. Sterling,               Esq. President, Criminal Justice Policy Foundation,

                                Washington, D.C. 

Hon. Jack B.                    Weinstein U.S. District Judge, Brooklyn, New York

Captain W. W. Williams          Police Department, City of Little Rock, Arkansas

Kevin Zeese,                    Esq. V.P./Counsel, Drug Policy Foundation, 

                                Washington, D.C.

Lynn Zimmer,                    Ph.D. Professor of Sociology, Queens College- CUNY

Sponsors: Criminal Justice Institute, Harvard Law School; Ethical Society of Boston; Criminal Justice Policy Foundation; Massachusetts Cannabis Reform Coalition; Civil Liberties Union of Massachusetts

For info/reservations call or write: Civil Liberties Union of Mass., 99 Chauncy St., Boston, MA 02111,
(617) 482-3170, ext. 0,
Fax (617) 451-0009

___ YES! I will attend "Crime, Drugs, Health & Prohibition". I am returning this by May 17 with my check for:

___ $20 for all-day conference ($25 at the door)

___ $35 for conference plus box lunch ($40 at the door)

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