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Surgeon General to Speak at Harvard Drug Policy Conference

It's been pointed out to me that a lot of the news I bring people is bad news. Today I'm glad to be able to send you some good news, in fact some _very_ good news. Surgeon General Joycelyn Elders has accepted the invitation from the Civil Liberties Union of Massachusetts to give the keynote address at CLUM's second drug policy conference at Harvard Law School: "Crime, Drugs, Health & Prohibition: the Harvard Legalization Debate". The exact date of the conference has not yet been set, and depends on Dr. Elder's schedule, but will be in mid-late May or early June. Speakers will include representatives of the medical and legal professions, law enforcement, government, the activist community, and others.

Many thanks to those of you who have already volunteered to help typing mailing lists. I have sent packets to several of you and will be sending some to the rest of you early next week. We need more such help, however, and are still seeking volunteers. We are also seeking additional funding, and will gratefully accept (tax-deductible) donations.

To volunteer, please contact Michael Weddle, at (617) 482-3170 ext. 313, or send email to [email protected]. If you are not in the area, we can mail material out to you, and you can return it by disk or email. In return for your help, we can offer you free admission to the conference, and/or a transcript of the conference when it comes out. The timetable for getting these lists typed up is three to four weeks.

To make a donation, please make checks out to "Civil Liberties Union of Massachusetts Foundation", and mark the checks "Drug Conference". Send to CLUM, 99 Chauncy St., Suite 301, Boston, MA 02111.

- Dave

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