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Attn: California Activists
-- Oppose "Smoke a Joint, Lose Your License"

The following information was submitted by California NORML ([email protected], 415-563-5858, meetings held in San Francisco first Friday of very month):

Say NO to Gov. Wilson's Ripoff - Stop A.B. 79x / S.B. 2006

Gov. Pete Wilson is asking the California legislature to pass a "Smoke a Joint, Lose Your License " law, requiring a mandatory six- month driver's license suspension for ALL drug offenses, regardless of whether they are driving-related - including personal possession of pot in your home, purse or pocket. Federal law requires the state to either pass OR reject a "Smoke a Joint, Lose Your License" law or else lose $50 million in federal highway funds. Two years ago, the legislature voted unanimously to opt out of RSmoke a Joint,S but Gov. Wilson vetoed the bill.

"Smoke a Joint Lose Your License" is an attack on CaliforniaUs successful marijuana decriminalization law, which has saved taxpayers $100 million per year in unnecessary enforcement costs. "Smoke a Joint" would undo these benefits by clogging our courts with minor offenders seeking to save their licenses. "Smoke a Joint" would send the wrong message by punishing harmless, off- the-road drug use more harshly than speeding, reckless driving, or driving with open liquor bottles. 28 states have voted to opt out of "Smoke a Joint, Lose Your License.

The Assembly is considering a "Smoke a Joint" bill, AB 79x, which was passed by the Transportation Committee and is now headed for the Ways and Means Committee. In the State Senate, the Judiciary Committee has blocked a "Smoke a Joint" bill, SB 2006, but is expected to reconsider the issue this session.

the legislature now: Tell them to oppose "Smoke a Joint, Lose Your License" (SB 2006/AB 79x) and pass an "opt-out" resolution instead.

Your Assemblymember and State Senator:
State Capitol, Sacramento CA 95814

Assembly Speaker Willie Brown (S.F.); Assemblyman John Vasconcellos (San Jose),
Chairman, Ways and Means Committee (916) 445-4253;
Sen. David Roberti* (Van Nuys), Chairman, State Senate Judiciary Committee (916) 445-5957/(818) 901-5588;
Senate President Pro Tem Bill Lockyer* (Hayward) (510) 582-8800.

Key legislators - Senate:

Art Torres (San Gabriel)                        (213) 620- 2529

Charles Calderon (Whittier-Norwalk)             (213) 724-6175 

Diane Watson (Venice)                           (213) 295-6655 

- Assembly: Juanita McDonald (Carson)           (310) 518-3324 

Valerie Brown (Santa Rosa)                      (707) 546- 4500 

Deidre Alpert (San Diego)                       (619) 234-7878 

Robert Campbell (Martinez)                      (510) 372-7990 

Jim Costa (Fresno)                              (209) 264-3078 

Martha Escutia (Huntington Park)                (213) 582-7774 

Bob Epple (Long Beach)                          (310) 984-0779 

Barbara Friedman (Sherman Oaks)                 (818) 783-1976 

Tom Hannigan (Fairfield)                        (707) 429-7383 

Jack OUConnell (Santa Barbara)                  (805) 966-2296

Andrea Seastrand (San Luis Obsipo)              (805) 549-3381 

Richard Polanco (L.A.)                          (213) 255-7111 

Charles Quackenbush (Campbell)                  (408)369-8170

Tom Umberg (Garden Grove)                       (714) 971-1757 

* THANKS for opposing RSmoke a Joint, Lose Your LicenseS to:
Sen. Roberti, Sen. Lockyer, Sen. Milton Marks (S.F.), Sen. Nick Petris (Oakland);
Assemblyman Dan Hauser (Arcata); Assemblywoman Barbara Lee (Oakland).

Gov. Pete Wilson:
State Capitol, Sacramento CA 95814
- FAX (916) 445:4633;

Sen. Tim Leslie (Roseville - sponsor of SB 2006)
(916) 445-5788;

Ass. Robert Frazee (Carlsbad - sponsor of AB 79x)
(619) 438-6620.

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