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More Crime Bill Info from FAMM
-- Please Include in Today's Phone Call

One item to add to the Crime Bill action request: the safety-valve amendment did make it through the Rules Committee, and will be voted on by Congress possibly tonight (Wednesday). This amendment would exempt some non-violent drug offenders from the five and ten-year mandatory minimum sentences. Please call your representative; if you don't have the number or know who your representative is, you can find out from the Congressional Switchboard, at 202-224-3121. Sorry I wasn't able to include this is the first posting, but the FAMM hotline was busy, and I didn't get the information until afterwards. The FAMM announcement didn't include the amendment number, so just refer to it as the safety-valve amendment, and mention it along with amendments 34 and 61.

The number for the FAMM hotline is 703-685-6860.

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