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Jon Holmes

he Ethical Society of Boston presents:

Everything the Government Doesn't Want You to Know About the War on Drugs -------------------------------------------------------------------------

On April 17th, Jon Holmes, chairman of the Civil Liberties Union of Massachusetts Drug Policy Task Force, will receive the Humanist of the Year Award, bestowed yearly by the Ethical Society of Boston, and will speak on "Everything the Government Doesn't Want You to Know About the War on Drugs". Mr. Holmes is an author, software developer, and board member of the Civil Liberties Union. He almost single-handedly steered the Civil Liberties Union of MA to approve a resolution on decriminalization of drugs. He has testified many times before the state legislatur, and was instumental in passage of legislation for medical uses of marijuana. He ran a very successul all-day forum on drug policy that fetured many well known academics, judges, physicians, lawyers, etc., at the Harvard Law School in the spring of 1992. The Boston Ethical Society was pleased to be a sponsor of this meeting, and is pleased to be sponsoring it again this May 21. We ar delighted to present on Sunday April 17, 1994, the Humanist of the Year Award to Jon for his persistent and untiring efforts to attempt to make sense of our floundering drug policy.

All Ethical Society Sunday Platforms begin at 10:30 AM, at the College Club, 44 Commonwealth Ave., Boston. Other upcoming lectures:

April 24 Margaret Gold: "The History of God: Reflection in a Mirror." Dr. Gold is the Executive Director of the Ethical Culture Society of Westchester, White Plains, NY.

May 1 Ruth Roseland: "Men and Women: Hostage to Passion." Dr. Roseland, a clinical psychologist, is in private practice. She has done extensive work with motivated high achievers, helping them have better mastery of their personal lives.

May 8: John Roberge: "Concerned Fathers." Today single parents are sometimes fathers. And mothers and fathers sometimes collaborate; sometimes the oppose one another. But good fathers are concerned. Mr. Roberge is Chairman of "Concerned Fathers."

May 15 Linda Di Benedictus: "Consumers Must be Included in the Medical System." Ms. Di Benedictus is State Coordinator for "New England Patients' Rights Group" which addresses patients' rights and victim issues, as well as provides support in networking with other advocacy groups. Quality of care, informed consent, accurate information, insurance issues, and patients' rights are a priority.

May 22 Edith Sarah Stein: "Learning From Experience." Ms. Stein has spent three decades with people who have dedicated their lives to struggling and loving others. Her book" A Time for Every Purpose" is about grandparenting. For years she ran a "History Through Life Experience" program.

Other Events: (call 617-739-9050 for location and details)

April 18 Ethical Action Letter Writing Session, 7:30 PM, Lynn.
May 7 Service Auction, 6:30 PM, Methuen.
May 14 Adult Education/Book Discussion, 7:30 PM, Brookline.
May 20 Newcomers' Meeting, 7:30 PM, Brookline.
May 21 Ethical Action Committee, plant bulbs at Bishop St. Women's elderly homeless house, Jamaica Plain, call 617-926-8981 by May 10.

Ethical Culture is a humanistic religious and educational movement inspired by the ideal that the supreme aim of human life is working to create a more humane society. Our faith is in the capacity and responsibility of human beings to act in their personal relationships and in the larger community to help create a better world. Our commitment is to the worth and dignity of the individual, and to treating each human being so as to being out the best in him or her, and thereby to bring out the best in ourselves. Members join together in ETHICAL Societies to assist each other in developing ideas and ideals, to celebrate life's joys and to support each other through life's crises, and to work together to improve our world and the world of our children.

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