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Please Read Before 3:30 PM Tuesday 3/22

The following urgent information is being forwarded from NORML (National Organization for Reform of Marijuana Laws). Sorry about the multiple postings on the Crime Bill, but it's a large bill (!), and these requested actions are extremely important with not a lot of time left to take them.

TO: All marijuana legalization activists FROM: Rob Kampia, Chapter Coordinator DATE: Monday, March 21, 9:30 p.m. Eastern time RE: Deadline to act on this is tomorrow (Tuesday) at 3:30 p.m. Eastern time!

Last week, the Crime Bill was "marked up" (discussed and modified) in the Judÿiciary Committee of the U.S. House of Representatives. Many bad provisions were passed, but it wasn 't as bad as it could have been--it seems that your phone calls might have made a difference!

Tomorrow (Tuesday) at 4:00, the Rules Committee of the House will decide which amendments to the Crime Bill they will allow to be introduced and discussed on the floor of the House. The full House wil l probably vote on Thursday.

The new version of the Crime Bill, which is now labeled as H.R. 4092, contains a provision where people convicted of trafficking very large quantities of drugs could now get the death penalty--even when no death results. NORML has convinced Rep. Barney Frank (Dem. - MA) to i ntroduce an amendment that would exclude marijuana.

Hence, NORML encourages you to do the following before 3:30 tomorrow:

1. Call or fax every member of the Rules Committee listed below, a nd say the following:

"I'm calling in regard to the Crime Bill that the Rules Committee will be discussing later today. The way the bill currently reads, it contains a provision that would permit the death penalty for people convicted of trafficking large quantities of drugs, even when no death result s. "Representative Barney Frank will be introducing an amendment to exclude marijuana from this provision. I ask that Rep. ______ vote to find this amendment in order."

2. Call your U .S. Representative's office in Washington, D.C., and ask him or her to support Barney Frank's "amendment to the drug trafficking death penalty provision of the Crime Bill" if it makes it to the floor. (If your Representative is on the Rules Committee, skip this.)

3. If you are the coordinator for a NORML chapter, please call down your chapter list and give each chapter member the 14 phone numbers to call. If you are not a chapter coordinator, please call 10 friends and ask each of them to c all the 14 numbers.

Call the 13 House members on the Rules Committee!

Committee member                State   Phone (202)     Fax (202)
* Rep. Joe Moakley, Chairman    MA      225-8273        225-3984 

R ep. Butler Derrick            SC      225-5301        225-5383 

Rep. Anthony C. Beilenson       CA      225-5911        ? 

Rep. Martin Frost               TX      225-3605        ? 

Rep. David E. Bonior            MI      225-2106        226-1169 

Rep . Tony P. Hall              OH      225-6465        ? 

Rep. Alan Wheat                 MO      225-4535        ?

Rep. Bart Gordon                TN      225-4231        225-6887 

Rep. Louise M. Slaughter        NY      225-3615        225-7822 

Rep. Gerald B. H. Solomon       NY      225-5614        225-6234 

Rep. James H. Quillen           TN      225-6356        225-7812 

Rep. David Dreier               CA      225-2305        225-4745 

Rep. Porter J. Goss             FL      225-2536        225-6820


-- end --

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