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Write-In Against Pro-Drug Testing Advertisement

The following was sent to me anonymously by a DRCNet subscriber:

The following article is forwarded from alt.society.civil-liberty. I thought some people on the mailing list might be interested. Jim Martay, the guy that the author is asking you to write or call, can be reached by e-mail at the following address: [email protected]

Newsgroups: alt.society.civil-liberties,alt.privacy,talk.politics.drugs,alt.activism Subject: Write, fax magazine encouraging businesses to "piss test"
Date: 6 Feb 94 20:49:32
GMT Organization:
The Black Box (713) 480-2684

Most people here know that urine tests do not prove illegal drug use, and certainly do not prove that someone is under the influence at the time of the test.

"Selling, The Front Lines of Business" magazine is running ads that encourage businesses to invade people's privacy. The latest is in the January/February issue. The ad reads"

I won't comment on whether is is more ethical to drive productive members of society, occasional users out of the economy as the Germans did to the Jews half a century ago. I am concerned about the privacy issue for those of us that don't touch illegal drugs. The ad was from the tobacco/alcohol consortium called the "Partnership for a Drug-Free America" at 1-800-843-4971. Call them at their expense. Ask for their free guide on how to extablish a drug-free workplace.

Also, please write, phone and fax the magazine:

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