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Press Release from the Drug Policy Foundation

a copy of our press release and a schedule follows

International Conference Brings
Drug Policy Reform Debate to Washington, DC

WASHINGTON, Nov. 16 - Hundreds of advocates for major reforms in drug policy will meet in Washington tomorrow to debate new options for drug control policy. The conference will focus on how the war on drugs affects individual rights and health care, as well as ways to elevate the drug debate on Capitol Hill.

The Drug Policy Foundation, an international forum for drug policy alternatives, is sponsoring the event, the largest of its kind in the United States. Following is a partial list of featured speakers.

* Gustavo de Greiff, the former Colombian prosecutor general, who raised the conviction rate for drug cases in Colombia from 20 to 75 percent. He has sparked controversy in the United States by calling for a serious study of legalization as the best means of putting criminal traffickers out of business. Dr. de Greiff is now Colombia's ambassador to Mexico.

* U.S. Rep. Barney Frank (D-Mass.), who is now serving his seventh term in Congress. Rep. Frank is an outspoken critic of many components of the drug war, such as mandatory minimum sentencing. He chairs the House Subcommittee in International Development, Finance, Trade and Monetary Policy, and is also a member of the Judiciary and the Budget committees.

* Kristine M. Gebbie, former U.S. AIDS Policy Coordinator, oversaw the nation's HIV and AIDS agenda in research, services and prevention. Prior to her appointment by President Clinton, Ms. Gebbie served as Secretary of the Department of Health for Washington state.

* Dr. Robert G. Newman, president, the Beth Israel Medical Center in New York City, has played a major role in developing and directing addiction treatment programs throughout the world during the past 25 years. He has served as a consultant to the World Health Organization and has consulted and lectured in Australia, Hong Kong, Thailand and throughout Europe. Dr. Newman will be giving the keynote address at the Friday luncheon.

* Dr. Peter Beilenson, director, Baltimore Department of Health, works with both the mayor's office and the police department to help implement programs for addicts and the inhabitants of the poorer areas of the city. Most recently, Dr. Beilenson aided the Maryland State House in adopting historic needle exchange legislation.

The conference covers a wide range of policy issues and includes two professional tracks: one for doctors and one for lawyers. (A preliminary schedule follows.)


The Drug Policy Foundation is pleased to announce the winners of the 1994 Achievement Awards in Drug Policy Reform. The winners, who will be recognized at the Saturday evening banquet, are (in order of presentation):

The New Haven (CT) Board of Young Police Commissioners for Achievement in Law Enforcement

Michael Moore
Australian Capital Territory for Achievement in Law

Stanton Peele
psychologist and author for Achievement in Scholarship

Jack Herer
activist and author,
and Louis Jones
founder, STANDUP Harlem for Achievement in Citizen Action

Robert G. Newman, M.D.
president, Beth Israel Medical Center for Achievement in Medicine and Treatment

William Finnegan
staff writer,
The New Yorker for Achievement in Journalism

Gustavo de Greiff
former prosecutor general of Colombia for Outstanding Achievement in Drug Policy Reform

To register for the conference, contact Whitney Taylor in the Washington office @ (202) 537-5005, M-F or register at the hotel. Fees are $200, plus extra for special events (luncheon, party, awards banquet). Special package deals are available and offer savings on events. Loews L'Enfant Plaza Hotel currently has no vacancies, however, the Holiday Inn near the conference still does, 202-479-4000.

Preliminary Conference Schedule

Thursday, November 17, 1994



State of the Reform Movement 

        Arnold S. Trebach, President, DPF 

        David C. Condliffe, Executive Director, DPF

        Ira Glasser, Executive Director, ACLU; Board of Directors, DPF

Mandatory Minimum Sentencing 

        Chair: Julie Stewart, President, FAMM


Human Rights: The Crucial Next Stage 

        Chair: Kevin B. Zeese, Esq.

2:30p-3:45p WORKSHOPS

Moral & Religious Dimensions 

        Chair: The Reverend Andrew Leigh Gunn 

The War on Reproductive Rights 

        Chair: Lynn Paltrow, Center for Reproductive Law & Policy 

Beyond Marihuana as Medicine 

        Chair: Lester Grinspoon, Harvard University 

Addict in the Reform Movement 

        Chair: Allan Clear, New York 

4:00p-5:30p WORKSHOPS

Drug War & the Media 

        Chair: Cynthia Cotts, 

DPF Marijuana & First Amendment Religious Issues

        Chair: Don Fiedler, Esq. 

WHO Cocaine Panel 

        Chair: David Lewis, Brown University

Friday, November 18, 1994



Health Perspectives on Drug Policy 

        Margaret A. Hamburg, New York City Health Commissioner Kristine Gebbie,

        frmr National AIDS Policy Coordinator

Review of Clinton Administration 

        Chair: David C. Condliffe, DPF

Luncheon ($35) 

        Keynote: Dr. Robert G. Newman, Pres., Beth Israel Medical Center

2:15p-3:45p WORKSHOPS

International Legal Developments

        Chair: Lorenz Bollinger, Professor, University of Bremen 

Translating Harm Reduction for the U.S. 

        Chair: George Clark, Harm Reduction Working Group 

Psychedelics: The Exception to the Drug Abuse Paradigm 

        Chair: Dale Gieringer, Calif. NORML 

Methadone Maintenance 

        Chair: Henry Blansfield

4:00p-5:30p WORKSHOPS

Informants: Use & Misuse (Legal Track) 

        Chair: Dennis Fitzgerald, Esq. 

Needle Exchange: Practicalities of Implementation 

        Chair: Peter Beilenson, Director, Health Services, Baltimore 

Harm Reduction Principles & Practice 

        Chair: Ernie Drucker, Montefiore Medical Center 

Medical Professional Round Table 

        Chair: David Lewis, Brown University 

Canadian Drug Scene 

        Chair: Barry Beyerstein, Simon Fraser University

1920s-era music, costume & fun

Saturday, November 19, 1994



Reform Organizations: The Next Generation 

        Chair: Ethan Nadelmann, the Lindesmith Center

Pain Control and Drugs 

        Chair: Arnold S. Trebach, DPF

2:15p-3:45p WORKSHOPS


        Chair: Lori Jenkins, Parent Resource Center, Dade County 

Indian Hemp Drugs Commission Report Centennial 

        Chair: Tod Mikuriya 

25th Anniversary Report -- Eisenhower Fdn. 

        Chair: Lynn A. Curtis, President, Eisenhower Fdn. 

Understanding D.A.R.E. 

        Chair: Richard Evans, Esq. 

Police Perspectives 

        Chair: Joe McNamara, frmr San Jose Chief of Police

4:00p-5:30p WORKSHOPS

The Medicalization of Ibogaine 

Needle Exchange: Street Worker's Perspective 

        Chair: Jon Paul Hammond, Coordinator, Prevention Point, 

Philadelphia Drug Use Among Students: Casual Assumptions and Prevention


        Chair: Melody Lark, Southwest Regional Laboratory 

Non-Deviant Drug Use

        Chair: David Duncan, Brown University 

Double Jeopardy in Forfeiture Cases 

        Chair: Jeffrey Steinborn, Esq. 




        Awards Banquet ($70)


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