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Attn: Drug Policy Activists --
Activist Info Needed for Newsletter

The fourth issue of the Drug Reform Coordination Network's monthly newsletter, The Activist Guide, is in the preparation phase. I am at all times seeking information from drug policy activists around the country to help make it a clearinghouse of "what-you-can-do" information in the areas of drug decriminalization, medicalization, sentencing reform, forfeiture reform, and other areas that relate to drug prohibition. If you are part of an organization that you'd like to be listed, or have other relevant information, please respond. Some of the things that I am looking for are current legislation (state-level information is especially needed), special projects and initiatives, local organizers, etc. Attached is a response form which you may use, if you wish, as a guide to the sort of information I am looking for. I wish to establish ongoing channels of information, so that this newsletter may be updated each month; the more information you provide on a regular basis, the more DRCNet can help promote your concerns to others. DRCNet online membership has passed the 300 mark and is growing. Offline, hardcopy subscribers number about 40; I am planning a subscription drive and hope to increase this to several hundred in the near future. I hope that you will avail yourselves of the opportunity to be listed and attract more supporters. Feel free to redistribute this posting as you see fit. And remember, any organization is only as great as the combined work of its members. Thank you for your help.

David Borden

Drug Reform Coordination Network -- Activist Response Form

Legislation to Support/Oppose:
(Include whom to write to or call, with addresses and phone#s, if possible, and contacts for more information, if they exist.)

(How to help, where to get more information, where to send contributions, etc.)

Candidates to Support/Oppose:
(How to volunteer, where to send contributions, short description of candidate, etc.)

(Whom to contact to get more involved in activism, organization chapters, volunteer coordinators, etc. -- please include names and/or addresses and/or phone #s, as you feel appropriate.)

Do you wish to be listed? If yes, specify address, phone#, or both.

Special Projects:
(Short description of project, how to help, get involved, where to send contributions, etc.)

Resources Available to Activists:
(publications, etc.)

Anything Else Activists in Your State Should Know/Be Doing:

If you have the information handy, I'd appreciate knowing the general addresses and phone numbers for contacting one state representatives and senators.

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