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As many of you have probably heard, the Clinton administration has decided to review the medical marijuana issue and consider whether or not marijuana should be rescheduled for medical use. This is a hopeful sign, but as ever, is likely to encounter resistance. Only vigorous political support is likely to get it accomplished. Some members of Congress are already supporting the idea; in Massachusetts, Joe Kennedy has agreed to it, and the Civil Liberties Union of Massachusetts is working to get support from the rest of the Mass. delegation to Congress. What we can do is get some letters out to the White House and to Congress supporting the rescheduling of marijuana. Those who are very ambitious can go so far as to make appointments with representatives in their states to lobby for it in person. Anyone who wants to do that, but isn't sure how to go about it, contact me and I will help you get materials and advice from the CLU and others. In the meantime, I will be sending out a sample letter (to those of you on the "long" list).

- Dave

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