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H.R. 3100 -- Deadline Coming Up

For those of you who are interested in supporting H.R. 3100: there's not a lot of time to waste. I spoke this morning with an aide to Congressman Edwards who is handling this issue; he told me that the whole process is likely to be over in a month or less. He also said that what we are doing - asking our representative to cosponsor the legislation - is the best thing we can do to help its chances. Please keep us appraised of your efforts in this area, especially any successes, or hopeful signs. Some of it may be useful for Edwards' office to know about, and we can pass the information along to them. Thanks.

- Dave Borden (representing the "Committee for a Federal Drug Policy Commission")

P.S. Please pass the "action package" along to any other individuals or organizations that might be interested in supporting H.R. 3100.

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