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Committee for a Federal Drug Policy Commission

The next item sent out on DRCNet will be a call to action on H.R. 3100, the National Drug Policy Act. The "Committee for a Federal Drug Policy Commission", of which I a member, is attempting to mobilize a national lobbying effort to garner congressional co-sponsors for the bill, to increase its chances of survival. The file you will receive contains a description of the committee, a statement of strategy, information on the bill, and material to aid you in the lobbying process.

We hope that you will join our effort to pass this legislation. We also hope that you will redistribute our "lobbying kit" to others. In particular, if you are affiliated with any civic-minded groups, we encourage you to announce the project and make the kit available to them. This evening (Tuesday), the kit will be handed out at a meeting of the Libertarian party of Orange County, California. On Saturday, the project will be announced to the Massachusetts Cannabis Coalition. We've got points on both coasts - let's fill in the rest of the country!

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