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Presenting the Drug Reform Coordination Network (DRCNet)

Thanks to all of you who suggested names for this mailing list. I've decided on Drug Reform Coordination Network (DRCNet). This name reflects what I see as the chief need of the reform movement right now, and my hopes for this group. I see this email effort as a way of helping to link up different groups and individuals, rather than a banner for people to rally around. We already have many of those (NORML and the Drug Policy Foundation are only two of the large ones); I think what we need now is coordination, to share strategy and resources between groups, and to help individuals not already connected with effective action groups to find them. Already, among the sixty of us presently on DRCNet, there are a fair number of very serious activists; I'm optimistic that as we grow further that this number will grow too.

My immediate goals for DRCNet are to 1) standardize its format, to enhance credibility and growth potential; 2) set up archives from which members can access information and postings; and 3) set up the system so as to help members contact one another.

Regarding item 3: This is a little tricky, because some members wish their names to remain private, understandably. For the time being, at least, I will individually handle all such requests.

I almost forgot item 4, publishing the member directory. Anyone who wishes to be listed, who has not already responded, please send me info (full name, city and state, congressman, relevant organizations to which you belong, including community and religious, and your motivation for being involved with drug policy reform).

Thanks for your interest. I welcome your suggestions at all times.

- Dave

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