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H.R. 3100

Sorry, I think I may have sent something else twice instead of sending this one:

Last September 21st, Representative Don Edwards (D-Calif.) introduced H.R. 3100, a bill which would create a national commission on drug policy, as called for by the "Hoover" Resolution. The bill was referred on that day to the Judiciary, Energy, and Commerce committees, and on October 21st was referred to the Health and the Environment and the Crime and Criminal Justice subcommittees. On October 26, the bill was cosponsored by Representatives Beilenson, Berman, Filner, Foglietta, Frank, Hughes, Jefferson, Mink, and Unsoeld.

One can support the bill by writing to Representative Edwards (and even the other reps on the list). Any representative can be reached at the following address:

In the near future I will post information on the members of those committees and subcommittees, with their states and districts. If people are up to it perhaps we can lobby some of those representatives directly, probably in conjuction with other activist organizations.

The official title of H.R. 3100 is "A bill to establish the Commission on National Drug Policy". The short title, and description, are as follows: "National Drug Policy Act of 1993 - Establishes the Commission on National Drug Policy to study and report to the President and the Congress on the unlawful production, distribution, and use of controlled substances."

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