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Support the Surgeon General -- Sample Letter

The following letter was written by Peter Fraterdeus and submitted to me in response to my "Support the Surgeon General" posting. It's an excellent example of a letter written for that purpose:

Support Elders' Call for New Drug Policy
18 December 1993

<[email protected]>


I am writing today to express my strong and solid support for Surgeon General Dr. Elder's call for a thorough re-examination of the national Drug Policy.

The current policy is an abject failure, both in terms of results, and in terms of the corrupting influence that its draconian "solutions" have had on our Constitutional democracy. The Bill of Rights has been steadily eroded under the last two Presidents, in great part due to the obsession with "drug users."

In particular, it is time to abolish the absurd prohibition on Cannibis and Hemp in any form. Any intelligent person looking at the mountains of research done on hemp and related products can only come to one conclusion--that the prohibition is the cause of a decades long waste of phenomenal resources.

I would also hereby call your attention to the Resolution for a Federal Commission on Drug Policy, popularly known as the Hoover Resolution. This resolution, signed by numerous respected persons in both the private sector, and in all levels of government, law enforcement and administration, including, George Schultz and Milton Friedman, calls for the establishment of a Federal Commission on Drug Policy, empowered to evaluate the effectiveness of previous policy, and to establish the groundwork for a new vision.

In conclusion, I feel that you have chosen well in Dr. Elders. I urge you to reject the shrill hypocricy of her know-nothing critics, and support the call for an end to drug war hysteria.

I look forward to receiving notification of your actions.

Thank You very Much.

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