The Epidemic of Drug-Related AIDS


Through the end of 1996, some 40 Wyoming residents age 13 and over had injection-related AIDS or had died from it. Relatively untouched by the injection-related AIDS epidemic within its own borders, Wyoming's citizens have both a humanitarian and financial interest in having the Clinton Administration immediately end the federal ban on funding clean needle programs

Saving lives

If the federal funding ban is lifted and clean needle programs are put in place, as many as 10,000 American lives can be saved by the year 2000.

Saving tax dollars

Each AIDS illness and death exacts an uncountable cost in human pain and suffering. Each AIDS illness and death has a very countable cost in dollars.

Using sophisticated mathematical models, a University of California team of investigators estimates that it costs between $4,000 and $12,000 in clean needle program expenses for each HIV infection averted over a five-year period. This is, of course, far lower than the estimated $119,000 lifetime cost of treating an HIV-infected person. In the case of AIDS, an ounce of prevention is very much less costly than a pound of cure. 

Lifting the ban on federal funding of clean needle programs will permit communities in Wyoming to save many lives that will otherwise be lost. Nationally, ending the ban will save billions of federal health care dollars.

Prepared by the Dogwood Center, PO Box 187, Princeton, NJ. Tel: 609-924-4797. Fax: 609-252-1464. email: [email protected] The information on population and on injection-related AIDS cases for persons age 13 and over is from special tabulations from the Census Bureau and the Centers for Disease Control. Injection-related AIDS cases include AIDS cases among the following risk groups: heterosexual persons who inject drugs; men who have sex with men and inject drugs; and the heterosexual sexual partners of persons who inject drugs.

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The Epidemic of Drug-Related AIDS

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